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Hello, my name is Melanie Waters, and I raise AKC Yorkshire Terriers, AKC Maltese, Yorkie mix, and Maltese mix also called designer puppies or Morkies.   I take great pride in my Yorkies and Maltese as well as my Maltese and Yorkshire Terrier puppies.  I am there when they have them and I even cut the cord.  Every day forward they are handled and played with.   They don't go outside until they leave here or they are 12 weeks old and have at least 3 sets of puppy shots.  They are very well socialized with other puppies and people and children.  I do have a contract and you are welcome to request a copy to be emailed to you.   I do not sell to puppy mills or pet stores,  NO EXCEPTIONS.  In some cases i will allow breeding but that has to be decided at the time of purchase.   I have a contract, and I do guarentee my little darlings.  I am not a kennel..no matter how wonderful someones kennel is, and kennel is a kennel to pups and dogs. All they want is to be with you, not stuck in a building away from the house, no matter if it is a log cabin, or made of gold and silver.

Melanie Waters
Cell #: 765-730-0327
WE Several New litters of Morkies and Yorkies are here.  Males and females, several darker carmel colors, black, and tri-color.  e-mail me with your e-mail address and i will send you pictures.  I have a facebook page, click on the following link to see pictures of past puppies and new puppies Melanie's facebook.  I also have a you tube channel, click on the following link to see many videos of puppies past and ones that are ready Melanie's videos.
We have Morkies and Yorkies available.
If you have trouble with facebook, my name on there is melanie byers waters, and if you have any trouble with you tube, my user name on there is spydareyes.
This website is up for sale, as I have cut way back on breeding and won't be having puppies for  a while, but i know of 4 or five AWESOME morkie breeders who have puppies